Sunday in Brooklyn
Located in the thriving heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Sunday In Brooklyn is a low-waste restaurant collaboration among three veterans whose collective résumés include such varied establishments as Catch, Sadelle’s, Eleven Madison Park.
The space was reconfigured into a three-story market, bar, and dining room
The brand identity evolved from the concept founded by the owners that local and health-centric food can be elevated to a fine dining level. Hence the use of a more refined version of a your standard stencil font deemed a good solution.
The Logo Mark symbolizes both the partnership between the three owners and the triangular wood blocks the space had previously had built-in. This wooden symbol is used as a coaster as well as a paper weight for the menu.
The Coffee Parlor still in it's early stage has already begun serving coffee and tea, along with pastries and buckwheat sourdough.
An environmentally concious restaurant wouldn't be complete without a canvas bag.
Photo credits: Gary Landsman, Evan Sung, Diana Fu and Mark Berger.

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