Poster Collection
Design is a powerful gift and comes with many responsibilities, making a living aside. Imagery, applied the right way is an effective tool that can reach far beyond language and cultural beliefs . Every year, I put time aside to express personal and political interests using design as an application to influence a few. 
1. David Bowie: Tribute to Ziggy Stardust
2. Don't Shoot: Violence in movies
3. Email Threads: Threads are too long
4. Equal Rights: Gender issues
5. Darth Rader: Visuals
6. 2001 Shape Odyssey: Reflection on Stanley Kubrick movies
7. Backdoor access: FBI–Apple encryption dispute
8. US / Saudi relationship: US arms sales to Saudi Arabia
9. Black History Month: The letter from Birmingham jail
10. Taste: Flavor vs taste experiment
11. DJ Kool Herc: History of DJ

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